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Discover the Vézère valley with one of its residents

Over a distance of about fifty kilometres, the Vézère Valley and its basin display many treasures: a river, preserved landscapes, the presence of Humanity for more than 400,000 years, a typical rural heritage, a cuisine with a gourmet reputation, a culture full of relief, ancestral traditions, tales and fantastic legends.
Get off the beaten track. Discover the many facets of our destination. You will discover the Vézère Valley in an innovative way innovative. You will experience a human experience, thanks to participatory tourism.

The greeters of the Vézère Valley are ready to welcome you. Book your trip today.


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Temple Laguyon

Greeters Le Temple Laguyon


Pierre Greeters ® Temple Laguyon welcomes you to the land of Hautefort

"to make people discover places and their history". I am a native of a small village in the Périgord. I would like you to discover a landscape that is remarkable for its natural beauty, which is still totally preserved. But also with places steeped in the history of the people who lived there. Not to mention their legends, traditions and mysteries.


In the land of the "Greater Snowy"

I will show you Temple Laguyon with its 10th century church, its alleys of the ancient Templars. Its forest is home to former iron ore mining shafts. We will take the time to stop in front of an old farmhouse that is still authentic. We will walk through a valley where water is omnipresent, with many ponds, and a path punctuated by springs, fountains and washhouses. Finally, we will arrive at the old village of Maumont, in the commune of Hautefort.

Montignac Aubas

Greeters ® Montignac Aubas


Florence Greeters Montignac Aubas welcomes you

"I am a pure imported product in Périgord. "
100% "ch'tie". I am passionate about history, nature and travel. Once I retired, I changed region, life, friends. All this for the love of this wild and historic valley where the Vézère River flows. I am now a resident of the Vézère valley. And now, everything that the Perigordians taught me about their beloved river, I would like to share with others, especially by volunteering for the Greeters network...


La Vézère over time and over time

"The Vézère is part of our life". That's what the people in her valley say, whether she's laughing or angry.... And this has been the case since the dawn of time. As a volunteer, I'll take you for a walk. Come and meet her, whether in Montignac or Aubas. It shows many unexpected aspects! 

Campagne en Périgord


Greeters ® Campaign


Thierry Greeters Campagne en Périgord welcomes you

"Knowing history to better understand things", I am a country man of origin, but also an engineer, a biker and a writer. I am very involved in the life of my village. I like to share the passion and history of the places around me. Walking, meeting people, discovering anecdotes and the history of my village, are all subjects that animate and fascinate me.


History of the village of Campagne and its castle

Come and discover with me the village of Campagne. From its first occupation by man, to today its history is surprising and exciting! I will tell you about the occupation of the place by the Neanderthal man, the Romans, the lords of the place and the Marquis. A stroll through the Park around the castle, which is classified as a "remarkable garden", will plunge you into the world of the most beautiful romantic parks of the 19th century.

Les Eyzies


Greeters ® Les Eyzies


Veronique, Greeters les Eyzies welcomes you

"Going back to green was becoming one of my obsessions." Originally from Paris, I spent my teenage years in the provinces. With my partner, we wanted to go back to green. Indeed, 4 years ago we settled in our little paradise. Since our installation, permaculture has inspired us. Above all, we grow our vegetables, we try to eat better and respect what surrounds us. In the same spirit, we are recovering nature and seeking to promote biodiversity... To sum up, if all this speaks to you, come and share a moment with me and my husband for a meeting!


Learn again to listen, observe, feel and touch. Let's awaken our senses!

Come and meet me and I will show you around our vegetable garden. Indeed, I will share with you all our knowledge about edible plants, experiences and gardening tips. Thanks to my training in cooking we can also talk about recipes! In addition, if you like wildlife, we can also have fun identifying birds by their songs and if it is the period (September/October) even listen to the deer's brim! On the other hand, you will discover the profession of strip maker, an old and endangered profession that my companion practices in winter.


Greeters ® Les Eyzies


Francis, Greeters les Eyzies welcomes you

"Eyzicois of heart forever. ». I was born in Bordeaux. So I studied at the agricultural high school in Blanquefort to become an agricultural technician. Finally, my most beautiful discovery was Les Eyzies de Tayac. My great-grandmother was born there. She lived in an authentic house under the cliffs in the village. My grandmother, a native of Les Eyzies, took me on vacation every year to see her mother. A huge playground opened up for me.... Not to mention that my father was also born in Les Eyzies in the family home.


The village of Les Eyzies during the time of Félicie.

As a resident, I suggest that you accompany me on a walk. I had a dream: to make my village loved by talking about the time spent... We will go to the historic village of Les Eyzies to discover the life of yesteryear. As we walk along, I will then tell you about the life in the heart of the village, as it was supposed to be in the 1950s and 1960s... Above all, I don't like the dates, but I love more than anyone else and especially what they say. I will tell you about the "Grannies" of the medieval street, which was the main street of Les Eyzies. Then, our walk will end at Félicie, an exceptional site that has kept all its authenticity.

Ladornac La Cassagne

Greeters ® Ladornac La Cassagne


Josiane Greeters Ladornac and La Cassagne welcome you

"Fauna, flora, I'm passionate about everything! "Walking around the campaign, sharing my knowledge and exchanging ideas has always been a great pleasure for me. I am passionate about nature, flora (trees, wild orchids) but also fauna (traces of their presence), butterflies, mushrooms. Everything interests me and in all seasons! All this allows me to satisfy another of my passions, photography.


At your choice: wild orchids or small villages ?

Do you want to discover a small village in the Dordogne? So follow me... as a volunteer resident, I will tell you the story of Ladornac or La Cassagne. You will discover them through its inhabitants, its architecture, its fauna, its flora and even its truffles! If you are lucky enough to be there from mid-April to mid-June, we can go for a walk to discover wild orchids and their amazing breeding methods!

La Bugue


Greeters La Bugue


Pierre-Lucien Buguois and Périgordin by birth

I was born in Le Bugue, in my house where I live and which I have never left as my great-grandparents since the 1870s. I studied at the Lycée La Boëtie in Sarlat and continued the family business (bookshop) in 1971. A little less than four years ago, on spotting for the purpose of filming a film I am directing, I made my first archaeological discovery which led to about ten others in the same sector, which appear to me (after their discovery and enhancement for four years) as an important place of occupation and artistic creation in the South of France. Several thousand artifacts, rocks and stones figures, tools, engravings, paintings in caves, on cliffs and surface deposits. Moreover, the discoveries and updates continue cheerfully today.


Prehistory, protohistory, initiation and archaeological protection

In the spirit of preservation and awareness, I propose to show you some very interesting places around Le Bugue and I will share with you some recent and unpublished prehistoric and protohistoric discoveries found during my travels.


Greeters ® Rouffignac


Bob : "My passions? History and people "

I am an English pensioner living in Périgord. My wife and I left the United Kingdom in 2004. We now live in Périgord near Rouffignac Saint Cernin. Passionate about history, both prehistoric and military, as well as the beauty of nature, I like to share my knowledge of the territory.

I want to share my love for this part of France. Not to mention that I am grateful for the kindness of the local population. Today, I want to give back in my own way the warm welcome that the locals gave me when I arrived.

I spend a large part of my time riding a motorcycle with my wife Jude... I have been a little Greeters in my own way for years, in 2017 I welcomed about thirty motorcyclists from all over the world. During our life here, we have had time to build friendships with bikers from all over the world through our biker blog



The Vézère valley and its villages by motorcycle.

Friends bikers, you are welcome in Vézère Valley! I will take you on the winding roads of our countryside, offering you tours tailored to your desires... Our small roads lead to the discovery of a rich heritage (castles, historical sites and picturesque villages). You will be able to observe a wide variety of landscapes. They will offer you spectacular views. Culture and landscapes will make our motorcycle trip a real treat... I will show you my favorite itineraries, I wish you to leave with beautiful memories. So, ready for a ride?

To register for this ride you must have a valid motorcycle licence, and comply with French regulations, namely the wearing of an approved helmet and gloves, as well as a fluorescent vest on board, drive with the headlights on and respect the speed limits.


Terrasson Lavilledieu


Alain, a little history and local anecdotes

As a local journalist for more than 20 years, I have been passionate about my city, the living environment between old stones and lots of green, meetings with all the local actors and inhabitants. I am also interested in the surrounding municipalities and everything that affects this place in any way.


My city, Terrasson and its surroundings

A simple and passionate visit of Terrasson based on the local life of today... I suggest you to discover the city as I do for friends. Different facets will be discussed between the old city and the new city, but I would also like to share in this little tour of Terrasson, some exchanges and meetings that my job in the local press has enriched me over the years. I do not hesitate to mention them sometimes, here and there.

Terrasson Lavilledieu


Jean-Luc, discover the anecdotes, the alleys and their stories

I have always been passionate about my city, now retired, I wish to share my knowledge with you and make you discover Terrasson Lavilledieu, I love my city and I am sure that after our little walk you will also love it.


My city, Terrasson and its surroundings

Born in Terrasson, I have a real passion for my city, which is getting better every day. I would like to introduce it to you, starting from the end of the Second World War to the present day. Let you discover the anecdotes, the alleys and their stories, the cluzeaux and all the little stories that make our city what it is. I look forward to meeting you.



Greeters ® de Bars


François Greeters Bars welcomes you

"Passionate about ethnobotany" for more than thirty years in this little corner of Périgord. I started first as a market gardener, then as a surveyor. I trained in ethnobotany with François Couplan (specialist and pioneer in Europe in the traditional use of wild edible plants). I lead workshops and outings where I showcase common plants from our regions. I also manage the shelter for the crunchy wild herbs located in Bars.



Open a curious eye

Come and share my perspective on the campaign that surrounds us. I work professionally on the relationship between people and plants. This relationship has sculpted our landscapes. They are in constant evolution. The Périgord is rich in very diverse environments. I suggest you to discover those near me and of course some of the plants that make them up.

Lardin Saint Lazare

Greeters ® Le Lardin Saint Lazare


Frédéric Greeters le Lardin Saint Lazare welcomes you

"Sportsman in love with nature", I am a true sports enthusiast since forever! I spend a lot of my time walking or cycling along the paths. Before I became Greeter, I also organized some hikes. To make you discover new landscapes and the small heritage of the surroundings will be a real pleasure for me.



Mountain bike ride

From the Lardin Saint Lazare, or the surroundings, I would like to share my discoveries with you by taking you on a mountain bike ride in the woods, from average level to regular shoppers, we will spend a pleasant time together.

Don't forget to tell me your level.

Choisir pour moi

Nous pouvons choisir pour vous, si vous le souhaitez. Suivant la date et la langue demandée, selon egalement vos domaines d’intérêts et vos commentaires exprimés sur votre formulaire d’inscription, nous allons vous faire une ou plusieurs propositions de balade.

Je m’inscris pour une balade en région de Terrasson
Je m’inscris pour une balade en région de Montignac

Who are we?

The Greeters® are inhabitants in love with their territory. Each walk is free, unique, authentic and friendly ! They welcome visitors on a voluntary basis. These inhabitants share the time of a walk, their passions and their favorite places as they would do with their friends. Indeed, a Greeter® is not a professional guide. He welcomes visitors to his living environment and explains it with passion

The Greeters concept aims to establish a exchange between the local population and visitors. The inhabitants become welcoming in their own right. The Greeters reinvent the sense of hospitality with walks based on the meeting and sharing.

Today, about ten Greeters® inhabitants offer you several themes for walks: Nature & Environment, History & Culture and active discoveries. The walks last about 2 hours and are for a maximum of 6 people.

This offer is available only on request and subject to the availability of our volunteers. Attention, a reservation request is necessary, recommended at least one week in advance!

Valley inhabitants, become Greeters !

Are you hesitating to become Greeters® Vézère Valley? If each inhabitant offers his vision of the territory, then there are 38,000 different ways to discover the Vézère Valley, Offer us yours! Transmit your passion for your territory, do the discover otherwise to curious visitors the time of a meeting !

Our Greeters® Vézère Valley network was recently set up. Today, it brings together 10 passionate residents who are proud to showcase their living space. The team is in the process of being set up, our network can be expanded and all volunteer residents are welcome. See you soon!

Your contacts to become Greeters®

The Greeters Vézère Valley network was launched in 2017 by the Vézère Périgord Noir tourist office and the Lascaux-Dordogne tourist office, Vézère Valley.

Our network is coordinated by two visiting consultants, do not hesitate to contact them for more information!

– Martine: Tel: 05 53 06 35 10
– Françoise: Tel: 05 53 06 06 97 05

What do our visitors say after a Greet done in Vézère Valley?

Mars 2019
Une visite prévue pour durer deux heures, j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir accompagner Franck sur l’après midi dans son activité de feuillardier, un vrai bonheur. Ils m’ont permis de découvrir deux activités, la permaculture et le feuillard, que je ne connaissais pas. J’y retournerai quand le potager sera en activité.

Christian M.

Eyzies - France 24

Aout 2018
Bonjour Véronique, encore un grand merci pour ce moment de partage dans votre petit paradis ! Nous avons été ravie de faire votre rencontre. La Dordogne étant notre lieu de vacances depuis plusieurs années, soyez sure que nous reviendrons vous voir très vite ! Bel automne à vous !

Marie F.

Salomé - France 59

Juillet 2018
We met Stephane at the right place and time, walked around the old town and heared about Annecy’s interesting history and present. The walk was spiced with football and modern scalptuer, and was very enjoyable. Thank you Stephane?

Efrat M.

Givat Ada - Israël

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